Monday, October 7, 2013

Tower of Terror 10 Miler

What a great weekend.I ran in the Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Walt Disney World.  I did it last year, so I had to do it again to try and beat my time.  I had a goal, and achieved it.  It was tough, it was hot, and the week before my foot was hurting.   

I had hurt my foot on Monday, stopped running and tried to rest.  I was so scared of hurting myself and not being able to run the race on the weekend.  So, instead of being fully prepared, I was worried that whole week beforehand.  Up to the race the arch of my foot was still sore, and every now and then I would feel a dull-ish pain.  When I started the 10 Miler it was ok, by the end not a problem.  And now, two days after the run, I have had no issues with it.  I'm am thinking that it just needed to be stretched out by running on it during the week.  Better to be safe than sorry though!!
With some of my co-workers.
I got to meet up with some of my fellow co-workers.  Great bunch of people to relax with before the race!  At least with my foot problems I wasn't expecting much.  I wanted to beat my time from last year, but if my foot was a problem I didn't mind.  I smashed that goal by about 4 minutes!  I broke my original goal of completing it sub 1:30:00!!  I came in 1:29:23.
Look at that speed!  At the finish line.
The next morning I woke up to check the race results, and to my surprise my time put me in at 30th in my age group, out of over 1000 other women.  I am very happy with that!  I know I can run faster if I put in the work too.  This motivates me to keep on going - I'm achieving more than I every thought I could.

We stayed up at Disney's Coronado Springs for two nights, and the Dog was lucky enough to stay at his very own hotel.  We visited him during his stay, and he seemed to be having fun.
All ears!

And, for the record, my splits:
Avg Pace

Like I said, I started out good, then around mile 6 it got tough for me.  I am still very pleased with my results, and I want to keep improving!  Next time all splits will be in the 8 minuted range!!

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