Monday, July 21, 2014

Traveling and Running

I am in full swing with my new job.  I am an Advenutre Guide with Adventures by Disney.  They have sent me back home, to Australia, so I get to show off my beautiful country.

I am away from my husband and dog for over two months.  It is tough, but I am so busy that when I am leading a trip the time goes by quickly.  I am also trying to fit in some good runs.  It is tough, working 14+ hours a day, and then trying to figure out when you should run.  I have been able to manage it quite well.  I have great motivation though- a 10k and half marathon at the end of August!

This month I have been able to fit in some longer runs, 9-10miles.  I have also been trying to work on my speed, doing some tempo runs and a couple of intervals.  Not as many as I probably should be doing.  Today is my last day before a new trip starts, so I will be trying to get out for a longer run, anywhere from 8 - 10 miles.

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