Sunday, June 30, 2013


I did not want to wake up today.  But I made myself get up.  I think I was out running by 7am.  I attempted to do 1/4 mile at a faster pace, then 40 seconds of rest, and repeated it 6 times.  It was tough!  I am going to blame the humidity of 94% and the temperature already at 75F.  I did the first couple at around 7:30 min/mile, then it went downhill.  I was upset with myself, but now I am feeling good about it.  I did 3 miles when I didn't want to run, and anything is better than nothing.

My ifitness belt was bugging me today!  I am trying to wear it a lot, as I want to get used to it for longer runs.  For the first time it kept riding up.  Maybe it had gotten too loose somehow.  I will need to look into it.

The Quench Retractable Hydration Belt.  I am yet to use the two water bottle holsters.  Though, am looking forward to it for my long runs.  As long as I can fix the problem I had this morning with it!

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