Thursday, September 19, 2013

back at it

I haven't really taken a break.  I think the longest I have gone without running is three days.  And after that I just feel frustrated and have to go for a run.  I missed a couple of runs last week, as my eye got scratched which left me to lie on the couch in darkness and pity myself endlessly.  It is almost better, and I have managed to go for a few runs - respect for all those runners that wear glasses!!  I did 3 miles in the rain and yesterday 5 miles in heat and humidity - both with glasses, both an utter pain.

I am happy with my times, not the improvement I really want to see, but I have not been adding in speedwork, and have been skimping on hills.  The five miler did include hills!  And my long run this weekend is hopefully going to.  Well, when I say hills, I mean a bridge.  Or two bridges.  That's all I have in Florida!

A couple of my past runs, so I can see how I have been going.  I have a 5k next weekend, so I am wanting to be prepared - I have no idea how to race a 5k!  I attempted a little practice, and was happy with the result, especially as I cannot run as fast in the morning as in the evening.
Avg Pace

That is my fastest on record so far!  I did 3 miles at an 8:04 pace a while ago, but did not run that extra 0.1 to make it to the full 5k.

I am thinking of trying to go out at an 8:45ish pace, then pick it up throughout the run.  Hopefully the excitement on the race will allow me to go faster!  Would love to get around 25 minutes.
'Cross-training' with the Dog

Avg Pace
I am very happy with this run!  This was yesterday's bridge loop.  The last mile, mile 5 was uphill into the wind, and at the end, but I am happy with that pace!  Good work.  It was tough, because of the heat, but it was manageable.

I'm going to attempt a treadmill workout today before work.  3 miles, and I would love to do some intervals.  Let's see how fast I can go!

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