Thursday, November 21, 2013

fueling the long runs

I am lazy.  I know this.  I am (sometimes) ok with it.  I did not want to get out of bed to do a long 10 miles in 70 degree weather, and something ridiculous like 98% humidity.
So, I went on the treadmill before work to battle it out.  Even in the gym it was hot!  At my work we are lucky enough to have a small gym, equipped with a treadmill, a bike, weights, and a few other items.  There is a thermostat, and I always thought it controlled the temperature of the room, so I go in, put it down as low as it can go - 65 degrees.  It seemed to be broken, it was still saying 80 after I finished my run!

Running on the treadmill gave me the opportunity to try out gels again.  I tried one once before, last year during my marathon training - it almost made me throw up.  It was so sweet, the consistency was gross.  Yuck.  I have had a Vanilla Cliff Shot sitting in my cupboard since I got it at one race or another and thought, a treadmill long run is probably the best place to try it - I'm close to bathrooms if I need it! At about mile 6, I teared open the package, not looking forward to swallowing it - with a water bottle in  hand - I did it.  Held my nose and gulped. And you know what?  It tasted like pudding!  I was amazed.  What have I been missing out on in all my long runs and races.  They are so easy to open, the are so easy to eat.  And vanilla tasted amazing!  I am back on the gel bandwagon!

Treadmill run:
0-1 miles - 6.0
1-3 miles - 6.3
3-5 miles - 6.5
5-7 miles - 6.7
7-9 miles - 6.9
9-10 miles - 6.5 (this last mile I increased the pace towards the end, but cannot remember how much exactly.  I know I did the last 0.1 at 7.5)
Total Time: 1:32:14, average pace 9:13min/mile
I wasn't planning on upping my speed so much, it was just so boring, I needed some excitement, that and the fact I wanted to get off as quickly as possible.  
My legs are still tired, and this run was two days ago!  Ooops!  I am resting up, over the next few days I am planning a 3 (maybe 4) miler, 8 miles, then 18 miles.  The 18 miles has to be done!  Even if I walk all of it!

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