Monday, November 18, 2013


I know I complain a lot, but this weather is killing me.  I can deal with the heat and humidity in summer.  But it is the middle of November!!!!  It should be cooler!  I am over it.  I think it is making me really unmotivated to run.  I am sick of waking up really early, and I can't run at night, as it is dark at 5:30pm.  Blah.

I did do a treadmill interval run today, it was good, my legs were getting a little tired at the end.  This is what I did:
5 minute warm up at 6.0 (10min/mile pace)
3 x 1.5 mins @ 8.5 (7:04min/mile) with 1.5 mins at 6.0 (recovery)
3 x 1 min @ 8.5 (7:04min/mile) with 1 min at 6.0 (recovery)
3 x 45 secs @ 8.5 (7:04min/mile) with 45 secs at 6.0 (recovery)
3 x 30 secs @ 8.5 (7:04min/mile) with 30 secs at 6.0 (recovery)

That brought me to about 27:30mins, so I ran at 6.0 until 30mins, then at my 'race pace' to get to about 4.5 miles, then upped the speed a little for the last 0.5 mile.  In total I ran 5 miles in 43:30.

It was good, very do-able, which may mean I can increase my 'run' effort.  I think I will keep the recovery effort the same, and just try to go a little faster.

Maybe tomorrow I will go out for a run… A cold front should be coming next week - in time for Thanksgiving!!!

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