Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 mile sunday

What a good Sunday.  Started out with a 10 mile run.  Which I really did not want to do.  The alarm went off at 6am, and I kept thinking, 'No, no I can do it this evening....'  But Husband was good, and told me I had to get up (I had promised him a 30 minute back massage if he made me go run this morning).  So out we went, Husband riding his bike next to me, pushing me along.

After the first mile I was already dripping with sweat.  After mile two, Husband looked at the current weather, and I was told it was only 73F...... with 100% humidity.  I thought of cutting my run short at this point, but then realised it can only get less humid!  I was about to turn around at 4.5 to head home, but Husband said just go a little further.  I pushed through to 4.7 miles, then turned around, to head back.  I got back to my street with 9.5 miles left, and as I predicted I needed to hit the 10 mile point, so continued to finish off that half a mile.

It was an extremely tough run, with such high humidity, but I am very happy I finished it.  My splits:
Avg Pace
Not too bad!  Considering I was trying to go easy, I was happy.  (This run was anything but easy though!)

After the run, we headed to Starbucks for a refreshing Ice Caramel Macchiato (love those things), and then to the beach with Dog.
Husband and Dog

Then, to rest on the couch in my latest gadget - compression socks.  Seeing how they go with recovery.  It is way too hot to wear them while running this time of year.

Relaxing with Dog
I bought the cep compression socks, from an amazing store I found in Orlando - fit2run.  I could spend so much money in there!  Oh wait, I already did - just on socks!

Happy days!

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