Thursday, July 18, 2013

very happy run

I had such a good run this afternoon.  It was pouring down with rain when I got home, and Husband had promised to ride his bike next to me while I ran.  I whined, "You promised..." He called my bluff.  So we went.  It wasn't raining too heavy when we left, and actually stopped for most of the run.  It felt so refreshing and cool compared to all my other runs and I felt good.  Again, I am still trying to run by feel and not look at my watch.  I peeked a couple of times.

Avg Pace

My pace for the 5 mile run.  I am super happy!! The first two miles felt really good and comfortable, the third was not too bad.  I tried to push myself to stay 'on pace' for the fourth (not that I was too sure what my pace was) and the fifth mile I just wanted to push myself so I would finish with my fastest mile.  Very happy that the middle three were all around the same pace!

So.  One thing became clear to me after my run:  Tempo/interval runs work!!!  (Cooler, less humid temperatures also help -  Garmin says 77F and 83% humidity, but says 75F and 94%...?!?!?!... Rain helps then!)

Keep on going. I will be super happy to run the Tower of Terro 10 Miler at an 8:30 pace, so I need to be able to do this for another 5 miles....  Keep on going!

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