Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy America Day!

Today is July 4th!  Happy America Day!!! (Yes, i do know it isn't called America Day).  We are having a pot luck at work, so I am bringing in some Australia to it: Sausage Rolls!! (Homemade of course!)

Started the morning off with a stroll with the Dog.

A huge lightening strike almost hit the house in Monday. Lucky I decided not to run!  We lost Internet connection and somehow it also fried the modem and router.  Lucky that was it.  So no Internet for a little while.  Thankfully I am with the times and have an iPhone and 4G!

Yesterday's run:
4 miles @ 9:16 mins/mile
I ran with a friend from work.  It was a good run, we ran up and back over a local bridge, then tacked on some more to bump it to 4 miles.

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