Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I had all intentions of getting up this morning, super early, to run.  The alarm went off, I looked at my phone for the weather, 74F and 92% humidity.  I thought, I will wait until the humidty drops, it should drop.  40 minutes later, I look again, the temperature is 76F with now 97% humidity, with the sun blazing.  I decided against running.

I know I should have gone.  Though, yesterday I changed my training plan slightly to follow my actual days off from work, so technically today is a rest day.  I did some of a Daily Hiit workout, then decided to go for a 2 mile run.  As soon as I went got out side of the door I decided not to run, but to give the Dog a good walk.  However, tomorrow it is it.  Tomorrow I will do it, no matter the humidity!

My 31 days of Fit is still going.  Sunday I didn't have a run scheduled in, the waves were ok (for Florida standards) and I got to surf.  Yesterday I went on an almost 6 mile bike ride with the Husband.

Do you use hot and humid weather as a reason not to run?  Or am I a wimp?

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